The Real Reason We Don’t Know Anything About BLACKPINK’s Dating History

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does SM have a dating ban???

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Does Your Company Need an Employee Dating Policy?

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I’m going to discuss SM idols dating, revolving mainly around EXO’s between BaekHyun and TaeYeon, even though age is just a number.

With Kai and Krystal both being extremely popular members of their respective groups, it is understandable that news of them together could potentially, and did, garner a lot of buzz and even criticism from fans. So how did SM market and manage their relationship in a way to minimise hate? First, their relationship was quickly confirmed by their entertainment agency. It is quite well-known that SM encourages dating within the company: In , S.

Therefore, by supporting inter-company dating, this allows management to be able to keep track of their artists, and make statements concerning potential couples immediately, as in the case of Kai and Krystal, and of Baekhyun and Taeyeon. For the couples, it actually may be more convenient to date a label-mate as they may be able to see each other more and meet up at their workplaces away from the the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Second, it may be that SM tested the waters of their relationship even before the Dispatch photos were released.

At the time, many actually thought that Krystal was the good old third-wheel of the trio, but lo and behold, it was actually Taemin. Obviously, we do not know whether Kai and Krystal were in a relationship at this point in time, but we do know that there were supporters of the couple, which may have softened the hit of the relationship confirmation. Third and finally, SM used media publicity surrounding the relationship to reveal a plausible backstory for the couple.

Kai and Krystal and similar in age, and have long been revealed to be good friends ever since they were trainees, so to an outsider, it would have been easy for the duo to transition from friendship to romance.

The K-Pop industry Dating Ban.

By blueberryjin , February 18, in Random. It seems like it. The artists even say they are allowed to date, meanwhile other agencies mostly have a 3 years dating ban. I bet it was not just an immediate love at first sight, they must have flirted for months. Lee yeon hee said they are allowed to date just dont get caught.

dating news of Jennie (BLACKPINK – YG Entertainment) and Kai (EXO – SM The BTS’s agency said: “Although there is no ban on dating in the contract, the member KyulKyung once revealed about the policy of Pledis on dating: “They.

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Sm entertainment dating rules

Looking for an easy way to keep up on the latest business and HR best practices? Join our growing community of business leaders and get new posts sent directly to your inbox. Workplace romances tend to be the stuff of legend — either because a department or entire company got dragged into the drama, or the couple lives happily ever after. Rarely is there a middle ground. For that reason, many companies discourage interoffice dating.

But love, or like, sometimes happens anyway.

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So, I’m here today to talk about a certain topic that has been on my mind, lately. So, let’s take a look at BaekYeon. Isn’t that fishy? Also, the age-gap between BaekHyun and TaeYeon, even though age is just a number, but it seems weird for people from groups of two different generations to date. Especially since BaekHyun is more of a “fun guy,” and TaeYeon seems like a “free soul.

Then again, these are reasons for them to follow their hearts, since being a fun guy or a free soul means that you’re an extrovert and would do anything to do what your hearts wants you to do, so maybe that’s why SM let them. Not because they view their love as a “cute thing” but maybe because they were afraid to lose two extremely talented individuals for the sake of a piece of paper their contracts.

Now, to the timespan between BaekYeon and KaiStal. Like, the break up of the BaekYeon and the dating confirmation of the latter were too accurate. But, it just seems like SM needs to have a couple, and the couple should always be from their company, like, is anyone ever going to date a girl from any other company? I don’t know, it just seems fishy.

[Discussion] is SM Ent the company who goes the easiest with their dating ban?

I don’t think YG and SM policy “don’t have” relationships, but I’m pretty darn policy they don’t allow couples to go public, only because it can potentiallly wreck their image and lessen their fanbase. For example, there was a rumor about BoA company actor Jang Geun Suk dating when BoA was around 15, and BoA expressed that she was forbidden does making too entertainment contact with JGS from then on, who was a very ent friend of hers. ENT doesn’t care. I think I also read somewhere that Lee Ban Man was trying to set changmin and seohyun from snsd up because he wanted her to get more attention.

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Then confirmed, jyp entertainment co.

Things That Trainees Need To Give Up To Be A Part Of YG, As Told By YG Artists

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Nonfraternization or “No-Dating” Policies. To avoid the potential pitfalls from allowing such relationships, an employer has broad discretion to adopt a policy that.

Members may download one copy of our sample forms and templates for your personal use within your organization. Neither members nor non-members may reproduce such samples in any other way e. Although this policy does not prevent the development of friendships or romantic relationships between co-workers, it does establish boundaries as to how relationships are conducted during working hours and within the working environment.

Individuals in supervisory or managerial roles and those with authority over others’ terms and conditions of employment are subject to more stringent requirements under this policy due to their status as role models, their access to sensitive information, and their ability to affect the employment of individuals in subordinate positions. This policy does not preclude or interfere with the rights of employees protected by the National Labor Relations Act or any other applicable statute concerning the employment relationship.

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